mercredi 21 octobre 2015

LORO Craft Brewery

LORO a story of passion

The LORO Brewery story began in November 2011.

Combining his professional experience as a chemical engineer and his passion for brewing, LORO’s creator Nicolas Sanchez, has developed a range of craft “gourmet” beers.
The objective is to allow beer drinkers to discover the complexity and the pleasure these beverages bring.
The ingredients; water, malts, hops and yeasts, coupled with a multitude of manufacturing parameters, allow the creation of an infinite palette of beers from traditional beers to more innovative beers.
The decision to create a micro-brasserie with a capacity of five to six hundred litres allows the flexibility to propose a range of beers in which each beer acquires a unique and distinctive taste.

A bientôt!

LORO Ales are “gourmet” beers brewed with passion in the heart of Burgundy. 

We produce our warm fermentation beers, in small volumes, according to home-made traditions without filtration or pasteurization. The sediment which may settle at the bottom of the bottle, called ‘dregs’, guarantees a natural sparkle.